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Title: Released
Author: [livejournal.com profile] diabolicalfiend 
Characters/Pairing: Zero, Ahamo, Azkadellia, DG, Jeb, Lavender, Wyatt
Rating: PG
Summary: The aftermath of captured, helpful if you read it but not neccessary.
Warning: A little language, non canon character death.
Disclaimer: I don't own Tin Man
Word Count: 1632

The Infirmary )


Dec. 7th, 2008 10:28 pm
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Title: Captured
: [livejournal.com profile] diabolicalfiend 
Characters/Pairing: Zero/OFCs, Zero/Cain, Jeb/DG
Rating: R
: Zero's kidnapped by fangirls. It was supposed to be pwp, but then I had to add plot to it. Well, it's the thought that counts in this season, right?
: smut, noncon, slash
: Don't own Tin Man.
Word Count
: 3632

Died and gone to heaven... )
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This is my fic focusing on the character Zero from the SCIFI three part mini series 'Tin Man'.

Zero Tolerance

1. Zero Tolerance: Zero finds his house destroyed and his sister and mother killed.

2. Cain and Zero:  Convinced that Cain was responsible for killing his family, Zero seeks revenge.

3. Loose Cannon: Zero kills one of his own men, leading General Lonot to wonder.

4. Sister Acts: The Sorceress finds out that Zero didn't kill Cain's wife and child.

5. Good Knight: The Sorceress worries that Zero doesn't fear her.

6. Trying My Patience: Lonot fails and Zero ponders his mistake.

7. Cain and Cass: Cass frees Jeb from his Suit.

8. A Glimmer-phobe: The Sorceress discovers the light on the Other Side.

9. A Promotion!: Lonot fails for the last time.

10. The Locket: Zero's doubts are aroused.

11. Little Blue Men: Men under General Lonot's final commands arrive back empty handed.

12. City of Ill Repute: Zero has an encounter with one of his ex-wives.

13. Northern Island: Wyatt Cain resurfaces to plague Zero.

14. Cain and Zero II: Zero and Cain fight in a battle to the death.

15. Nine Lives: DG escapes.

16. Walking Distance: Zero stalks the princess' detail.

17. Cain's Log: Cain, Ambrose and Raw are captured.

18. Freedom Reigns: Their 'happily ever after' turns out to be too much for Azkadellia.

19. Tin Opener: Zero is released.

20. The Dark Tower: The Dark Tower is no longer what it seems.

21. Witch Soup: The Witch shows herself.

22. House of Cards: Zero has an idea that will tumble the Tower.

23. Ghost Trap: Zero and DG do a little ghostbusting.

24. Prison Cell: Zero is awaiting trial.

25. Case Work: Zero gets a lawyer.

26: Shadows of the Past: Helping Ambrose build up a case against Zero, Cain comes across a man
                                              who is not all he seems and Azkadellia lets her feelings find a voice.

27. Ain't What She Used to Be: The Queen and Azkadellia tell their loves about their doubts.

28. All Quiet on the Western Front: DG and Cain head East to find Cass and Jeb.

29. Family Justice: Zero trial begins.

30. Behind Blue Eyes: Trial continues.

31. Behind Brown Eyes: Devereux's witnesses arrive.

32. Behind Lavender Eyes: The Longcoats attack the city.

33. The Day of the Wolves: The Longcoats are divided.

34. The Twilight of the Vipers: The Longcoats attacking the city find a stiffer opposition than they bargained for.

35. Night of the Eagles: The battle peters out once Zero shows himself to be a royalist.

36. An Offer She Can't Refuse: Arthur Bailey 'entertains' Her Highness in his home.

37. You Must Remember This: Much Ado About Zero.

38. Dead Girl Running: The evidence is against her being there.

39. Strange Bedfellows: Wyatt does some dangerous driving.

40. Lab Work: Ambrose takes a look at the robot.

41. Adora Cain: Adora's Mission.

42. Hawk Eyes: Ahamo and Zero discuss strategy.

43. Paper Pushing and People Pleasing: DG's point of view.

44. Mojo Rising: The Witch has escaped.

45. Witch's Call: DG starts to hum.

46. Busy Day: The Royalist Campsite.

47. Conversation Under Fire: The last of the convoys head to the camp.

48. Stay of Execution: At the camp.

49. Art of the Impossible: Diplomacy.

50. The Deadly Desert: Strategy

51. Brenda: Zero's Daughter.

52. Mining Issues: The Plot hits a snag.

53. The Vault: What secrets does it hide?

54. Rustling in the Dark: Never a good sign.

55. Blue: Things go from Bad to Worse.

56. Showdown

57. Recovery: Wyatt returns to himself.

58. Healing: Wyatt is forced out of bed.

59. Cass Vs Adora: Cass and Adora have it out. Well, no, they don't but Adora and Wyatt do.

60. Lavender Thoughts: Wyatt has made his decision and a discussion with the Queen.
61. Slippery Slope: The Mining Plot has been found out.

62. Countdown: So it begins.


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