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Title: Collective Instinct
Fandom: Gallifrey
Characters: Braxiatel/Leela
Rating: R
Summary: After the war, Braxiatel brings Leela to the Collection
A/N: Written for[personal profile] neveralarch  for [community profile] morepolitics  challenge

When the woman arrived, the Collection was abuzz. It was an unexpected visit in a place which simply didn’t have unexpected visits. Not ones that didn’t herald invasions or some other Terrible Thing. 

They, of course, all looked to the man who lent his name to their home. Braxiatel was always counted on to be calm and above trivial concerns so if he was calm, they could be calm.

Braxiatel was not calm. But he hid it well from the majority of people and those who knew him well enough to see through it knew better than to speak.

He ordered for the woman to get appropriate medical care. The doctor in charge of her case described her as strong despite her apparent humanity, something else being at work in her system.

When the treatment was done, all Braxiatel had to do was wait, which he did at her bedside, reading aloud to the unconscious woman, hoping that she would find it comforting, for it gave him some.

Eventually, the woman stirred and opened her eyes. She looked at him, surprised. “…Braxiatel?”

Braxiatel smiled warmly back. “Leela. Welcome to my Collection.”

She tried getting up, but that was a wash, so she let herself fall back. “Is this truly the Collection?” she asked, once she recovered her breath.

Braxiatel chuckled, remembering that he’d actually brought them to the Axis the last time he’d said that. “This time, yes, it’s actually the Collection. In particular, it’s the small infirmary, to treat you.”


“I haven’t found her yet.”

There was a heavy pause. “But you will?”

“I’ll even find Narvin,” he replied with a confident smirk. Of course, he had his doubts, but you wouldn’t think to look at him.

Leela smiled. “I will help.”

“First, you will recover,” he ordered. “If I’m to wrangle that ornery Time Lord into good sense, I’m going to need a strong arm.”

“You will have mine,” she promised, settling down to rest. “For now, I sleep. But… perhaps, you will finish your story before you go.”

He remembered his book. “As you say, Leela,” he said, before beginning to read.

Leela was quick to recover her strength, at least comparatively. Braxiatel, in the meantime, busied himself with the tracing of TARDIS activity, slowly directing them towards the Collection. It was painstaking work: TARDISes, particularly during The War, were programmed to resist being tugged by unknown sources, so he had to first gain their trust and that was difficult to say the least.

“But they are coming?”

“It’s looking positive. I’m wary of promising anything, Leela.”

Leela reached for him, smiling understandingly. “You will succeed, Braxiatel. I have faith in you.”

He smiled. “Perhaps, then, that is all I need.”

“It is a nice place, this Collection,” she said, changing the subject in a tone that is normally used to humour people, no doubt designed to wound his pride. It was Leela’s method of choice when dealing with Time Lords.

“Oh, you think so?” he played along, an eyebrow raised, waiting for her criticism.

“It is very clean, though,” she supplied.

Trust Leela to pick on the one thing he saw as a positive to be a flaw. “Well, dust goes against proper preservation, Leela,” he pointed out.

“It is also ‘sterile’. It needs more life. Even the gardens are regimented.”

He liked it that way. Still, there was only one thing to do. Bow to the lady’s interests. “Well, you’ll be able to fix that.”

“Will I?” she smiled, a little predatory, though Braxiatel couldn’t translate why.

“You’ve certainly have a way of bringing life to sterile environments,” he replied, still trying to figure it out.

Leela canted her head in curiosity, wondering if he was serious. “I am allowed to bring life to your Collection, Braxiatel?”

“Ah, certainly,” he replied, distracted by a tone from the computer on his desk. “Duty calls, I’m afraid, Leela. Talk to you later, perhaps?”

“Of course, Braxiatel,” Leela agreed. “I will see you then.” Braxiatel was too caught up in his work to notice her tone.

He returned to his room much later, his fatigue finally catching up with him. He entered his room without putting on the light, as was his custom.

Braxiatel loosened his tie, his mind still on cajoling his target to the Collection. By the time he'd pulled it off, he reassured himself that he was something of an expert at enticing people to him and this was merely another form of that. He felt a boost of confidence as slipped out of his jacket, placing it without having to see on the hanger his previous evening's suits always hung off him. 

His mind wandered to the promise of his bed to give him rest as he pulled out his shirt and pulled off his shoes. He placed his shoes together and tugged at his socks, placing them in the laundry, all without a single light source.

He found the darkness helpful in transitioning himself to rest rather than work and had no problem pulling out his belt and hanging that in its proper place. His trousers slipped down and ended up neatly put away with his jacket, ready for dry cleaning. 

His pyjamas were made out of fine silk and were an extravagance he enjoyed as he slipped them on, the cool fabric light and refreshing against his skin.

He went to his bed and pulled open the covers enough to slip under. But once he was there... There was something odd. It was rather warmer than he had expected.

He reached over to his lamp which would illuminate the room to the scale of a couple of bright candles (it could light up the room with no trouble, but Brax wanted his rest).

"Leela?" he cried out in astonishment.

In response, Leela stirred and gave enough reason for Braxiatel to suspect she was completely naked under the sheet. "Braxiatel,” she greeted him sleepily. “You are here."

"I do believe it's my bed, in my bedroom," he pointed out as Leela confirmed his suspicions by sitting up. He looked to her face.

She shook her head, amused. "Time Lords," she said, fingering the lapel of his pyjama top. "Always with you, you must cover up. You design intra… you design air that is always at the right temper-a-ture, yet you still go to bed with clothes!"

"Perhaps we're concerned with finding someone already in our beds," he countered.

She just smiled and moved closer, this time slipping her hand across the silk of his pyjama bottoms, her hand winding up on his hip. "If a woman is naked in your bed, Braxiatel, she is not there to hurt you." That feral smile, now in its proper context, Brax realised, returned as she was now a hair's breadth from his mouth. "Unless you wish her to."

He stayed still for a brief moment, but it was only when Leela started to pull away that he kissed her, his arms slipping under hers to hold her close. His kiss grew passionate and Leela responded by pulling herself into his lap and slipping her fingers into his hair. 

By the time they pulled away both parties were flushed even if Leela was slightly more out of breath than Braxiatel. "You are sending mixed signals, Braxiatel," she pointed out. "If you are not certain…"

"I am always certain of my decisions, Leela," he assured her, his hands gently tracing along her side, causing her to pull in her stomach and shiver. "Once I have made them. I am just wondering what the other two would make of it."

"It is simple. They will be pleased. And we will invite them to join us. You have a very big bed, Braxiatel; we should all fit with little trouble."

Brax huffed a quiet laugh. "My bed might be amenable; I doubt our friends would feel the same."

Leela became serious, though it did not affect her unbuttoning his top. "You have lost your world, which all of us have strove so hard to protect. I may not have loved Gallifrey as you have, but I do understand the deep connection we all now share. We must reinforce it if we are to succeed."

She started to slip his shirt off and he decided to kiss her shoulder, right where a burn was almost healed. Her shoulder rose to meet his kiss. "Time Lords protect their bodies as if they were going to get bitten. It is all the more important." She paused when he delivered a bite onto her neck. "All the more important that we cast aside…" His fingers started tracing her spine. "…Cast aside this final." Her nipple getting sucked caused her lose track for a good few seconds. "Final barrier!"

Leela had had enough. She pushed the cheeky Time Lord back into his soft pillows with a growl and dived under the covers, her fingers dragging down his back until she reached his bottoms. She hooked her fingers into the fabric and used her teeth to grab the front of them and dragged them down, ensuring her lips brushed against his cock as she went past.

You don't mess around with Leela.

Apparently, Braxiatel wasn't going to just take that kind of treatment either, for by the time the pyjamas were removed completely, he was already grabbing Leela's head and kissing her for all she was worth, pulling them back together. 

Kissing him was both incredible and frustrating as her arousal kept building and he was in no hurry to ease it, even preventing attempts to do so herself. Leela took it out on him, biting and scratching and growling. Her body was completely covered in sweat and the sweetly spiced smell of an aroused Time Lord began to fill her nostrils.

Finally, Braxiatel flipped them over and stretched over her, releasing her briefly from his kiss to see how aroused she was, she felt the welcome heaviness of him entering her and she gasped, surprised she didn't come that second. 

It didn't take long for it to happen, but Braxiatel barely paused as he continued and by the time he had come, Leela had to twice cry out twice. She adjusted so he could stay inside her a while as he lay spent, looking at nothing at first, but then at her, admiringly tracing his finger along her jawline.

"I believe Narvin will enjoy himself," she said finally. "Assuming he does not fall off this slippery bed."

Braxiatel laughed. "I'll be sure to kick him out of it."

“Romana will enjoy that too,” she said softly. “I will tell her and she will blush and pretend she is not interested until I start to touch her and pull at her clothes, allowing them to slip away.” She felt Braxiatel twitch inside of her. “I shall tell you everything I intend to do in this bed of yours, Braxiatel. And then you will have me again. Then we will slumber and continue ‘enticing’ these TARDISes with renewed vigour.”

“…Is everything you say an innuendo, Leela?”

“You have taken a long time to realise this, Braxiatel.”
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Ah, thank you thank you! I'm so glad there's some Leela/Brax in the universe now, and I love the OT4 you got in there :) Awesome!


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